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Updated in July, 2019

The State of  Himachal  Pradesh  depends  upon all the Essential  Commodities  from  Neighboring  States of Punjab, Haryana  and  Delhi  for  its  requirement. The  price  fluctuation  in  the  wholesale  market  of  the neighboring States directly influences the wholesale and retail prices in the Pradesh. The State Government has practically no control  over  the  prevailing  prices at the source. However,  the  Government  has  been exercising control over the availability and prices of Essential Commodities in the open market by enforcing various statutory provisions under the various Acts and Control Orders.The Orders  are described below :-

H.P. Commodities Price Marking and Display Order, 1977
H.P. Hoarding and Profiteering Prevention Order, 1977
H.P. Specified Articles (Regulation of Distribution) Order, 2003(Repealed)
H.P. Trade Articles (Licensing and Control)  Order, 1981
The Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Regulation of  Supply and Distribution) Order, 2000
The H. P. Bricks (Control) Order, 1970
The Motor  Spirit and  High  Speed  Diesel (Regulation of Supply and Distribution and Prevention of Malpractices) Order,2005
The Edible Oils Packaging  (Regulation) Order, 1998
The Public Distribution System (Control) Order, 2015
H.P. Specified Essential Commodities (Regulation of Distribution) Order, 2019