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Updated on July, 2021


Addl/Joint Director(Admn.) Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs   (Incharge of Admn. Section)
1. All administrative matters. 2. Legal Matters. 3. All files of account section shall be routed through the officer. 4.Legal matters relating to Service matters of Weights & Measure.

Superintendent Grade-I, (Establishment branch) with following supporting Staff: 

1. Officerin-charge of Admin Branch;
2. Grievanceredressal Officerregarding implementation of RPwD Act, 2016;
3.The above duties are of illustrative nature and the Superintendent Gr-1 can be assigned any other duty commensurate with his status and exigencies;

1. Smt. Sunita Padam, Supdt. Grade-II:
Service matters relating to the following categories of Officers/Officials:
1. Supervise all the work relating to Admin branch; 
2. Correspondence regarding all officers in the Directorate (Joint Director ,Dy, Director, Dy. Director (Legal), Dy, Controller (F&A), Supdt. Gr-1, Section officers and all Distt. controllers, FCS&CA;
3. Court Cases related to officers; 
4. RTI matters related to officers;
5. Correspondence regarding services matters of all officers;
6. Correspondence regarding services matters of all officers;

2. Sh. Rohit Clerk:              
Service matters relating to the following categories of posts: -
1. Technical Assistant;
2. Head Analyst;
3. Junior Analyst;
4. Statistical Assistant;
5. Driver;
6. Restorar;
7. Gestetnor Operator;
8. Daftry;
9. Peon;
10. Chowkidars;
11. Sweeper;
12. Recruitment and promotion rules of above categories;
13. Meeting of State level Women Council;
14. Correspondence regarding facilities being given to the handicapped persons;
15. Jan Manch;
16. Any other work assigned by Branch Officer.
3. Sh. Ravi Prakash, Clerk:

Service matters relating to the following categories of Officers/Officials:
1. Supt. Gr-II; Junior Assistant/Clerk; Junior Office Assistant (IT); Senior Assistant;
2. Recruitment and promotion rules of above categories;
3. Preparation of Seniority lists of all Officers/officials;
4. Maintenance of record of Causal leave, restricted leave and Compensatory leave of the all Officers/officials;
5. All correspondence relating to above categories.
6. PIMS and Departmental Exam;
7. Aadhar based biometric machine installation at different districts;
8. Any other work assigned by Branch Officer.

4. Sh. Rajesh Kumar, Junior Office Assistant (IT):
Service matters relating to the following categories of Officers/Officials:
Correspondence of regarding vacancy position, Scheduled Cast/Tribe/backward classes and submission of Annual Report of above Classes to the commission;
2. Information on all Developmental/Welfare program/Code of control for work place and disposal of complaints of Sexual Harassment;
3. Vidhan Sabha and Rajya Sabha matters related to Establishment Branch;
4. Distribution of work among the Staff posted in the Directorate;
5. HIPA Training;
6. Disaster Management and all kinds of Notifications received from the other Departments related to Establishment branch;
7. Public Service Guarantee Act, 2011 and Swarnim Himachal Rath Yatra;
8. Any other work assigned by Branch Officer.

5. Sh. Aman Singh, Clerk:

Service matters relating to the following categories of Officers/Officials
1. Food & Supply Officers.
2. Inspector Gr-I.
3. Stenographer; Jr. Scale Stenographer; Sr. Scale Stenographer;
4. Personal Assistant;.
5. Transfer Recruitment and promotion rules of above categories;
6. Any other work assigned by Branch Officer;

6. Sh. Rakesh Kumar, Clerk-cum-Data entry operator:
1.All correspondence of Meeting of State level JCC, District Level JCC and  Directorate   level JCC and meeting thereof.
2. Honíble Chief Ministerís meeting; & Honíble Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Ministers meeting;
3. Meeting of J.C.C. with representative of H.P. State Govt. Pensioners Association;
4. Annual Report thereof;
5. Quarterly report regarding Efficiency in Administration; and meeting thereof;
6. Submission of Monthly report regarding Development activities to the Governorís Secretariat.
7. Departmental review meeting;

7. Sh. Hari Mohan Verma, Sr. Scale Stenographer:

1.Attached with the Joint Director, Admn. in his day to day disposal of work and dictation, typing work given by the Officer;
2. Assets and liabilities Statement of all Staff posted in Directorate, Districts and Sub-Divisional level.
3. Committees of Secretaries Meeting;
4. Preparation of Annual Administrative Reports of the Deptt.
5. Litigation Policy;

8. Smt. Harkala, Clerk:
Central diary/Despatch of all branches of the Directorate;

9. Nek Ram, Gestetnor Operator:

 To maintain the old record which required to be retained to Operate Photo state Machine;

10. Smt. Ishwari Devi, Gestetnor Operator:  

To maintain the old record which required to be retained to Operate Photo state Machine;

11. Shri Rajesh Kumar, Daftri:
To Help the Despatcher and to bind the old files;

1. Sh. Sandeep Kaundal, Inspector (ePDS Branch)( Ashwani Paul JOA(IT) attached:                                                                                                  

All correspondence relating to ePDS;

2. Section Officer: Section Officer, S.A.S. (Budget Branch) with following supporting Staff:

1.Sh. Mast Ram, Supdt.-II:   

1. Preparation of Budget Estimates;
2. Submission of Excess and Surrender Statement;
3. Correspondence regarding Assembly Committees;
4. Correspondence regarding expenditure returns with Distts;
5. Budget Allotment;
6. Plan Budgeter;
7. Material for Governorís Address;
8. Honíable C.M. Budget Speech;
9. Budget Assurances;
10. Gender Budgeting;
11. Misc. Work of Budget Branch;
12. Honíble MLA Priorities;
13 Delegation of DDO Powers;

2. Sh.Chuni Lal Clerk:  
1. Reconciliation of Departmental expenditure;
2. Reconciliation of Receipt Figures;                                                                                                                        

3. Sh. Mohan Prakash, Clerk (Sh. Ram Kumar Clerk attached):  

Service matters relating to the following categories of posts: -
1. GPF sanction and preparation of GPF Bill;
2. Any others duties assigned from time to time;;
3. Correspondence regarding maintenance/construction/hiring of Office Buildings;
4. Correspondence regarding Office Inspections;
5. Correspondence regarding periodical returns of Hindi and other returns;
6. Reconciliation of GIS;
7. Sanction to purchase of furniture to District Offices;
8. Misc. Work;
9. Audit correspondence;
10. Weeding out old record;
11. Purchase of Stores & stocks Articles;
12. Sanction regarding Purchases;
13. Maintenance of Stores & Stock articles Register and correspondence thereof;
14. Purchase and distribution of Stationery;
15. Maintenance of Office building;
16. Attending EPBX System.
17. Installation/maintenance of Departmental Computers;
18. Maintenance of Departmental Vehicles;
19. Sanction of Vehicles pool;
20. Group Insurance claims;
21. Matter related to Election;
22. Matters related to Vehicle;

4. Sh.   Kamal Dev, Jr. Assistant (Sh. Mohinder Singh Clerk-Cum-Data entry Operator attached):
1. Preparation of Bills viz; Pay & Pay arrears bills, Contingent bills And Medical reimbursement bills;
2. Correspondence regarding Income tax;
3. Preparation of TA/TTA/LTC Bill;
4. Drawl & Disbursement of Cash;
5. Maintenance of Cash Book;

Joint Director(Food), Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs   (Incharge of Food and Supply  Section)
1. Office in-charge of Supply Branch;
2. Matters regarding Tribal Supplies;
3. Nodal Officer for all departmental schemes both of the State as well as Center;
4. All complaints relating to State Subsidy Scheme;
5. Correspondence regarding LPG and other petroleum products, Cement and brick kiln etc;
6. Construction of Godown and maintenance thereof;
7. Nodal Officer for MukhyamantriSeva Sankalp Helpline to address public grievances for providing information and redressing the same in Systematic manner ;
8. Consumer Affairs;
9. Any other work assigned by the Director FCS&CA;

DeputyDirector(Food), Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs   (Incharge of Food & Technical Branch)
Office in-charge of Supply Branch;
1. ePDS;
2. Officer in-charge of Food and Technical Branch;
3. Opening of wholesale/Sub-wholesale/retail shops;
4. Mobile vans and door delivery system;
5. All complaints relating to TPDS;
6. Quality Control in respect of Specified Articles distributed through TPDS;
7. Mid-Day meal and other welfare schemes;
8. Periodical monitoring of stock position of foodgrains with the Department, HP, State, Civil Supplies Corporation and F.C.I;
9. Nodal Officer for Him Pragati and Him Vikas samiksha portal;
10. Nodal Officer to monitor the complaints/grievances received on official e-mail ID of Director and Departmental E-Samadhan portal;
Distt. Controller (H.Q.), Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs  
1. Monthly allocation of Foodgrains including Wheat/Atta to flour mills;
2. Officer in-charge of Statistical and Enforcement Branches and Nodal Officer of all the matters in respect of these Branches;

Superintendent Grade-I, (In-charge of Food & Supply Branches) with following supporting Staff:

Supervise all the work relating to Food & Supply Branches;

Supdt. Grade-II (Supply Branch) :                                                                                                                                              

Supervise all the work relating to Food & Supply Branches

1. Allocation of Foodgrains;
2. Correspondence regarding supply branch;
3. Tribal Action Plan;
4. All type of complaints regarding availability & distribution of foodgrains;

1. Sh. Ravi Kumar Clerk,:
1. Sub-allocation of Wheat and Rice to the Districts as per allotment received from the Government of India. Keep record regarding availability & correspondence thereof.
2. Fixation of rates of Wheat and Rice being distributed under TPDS, maintenance of its record and correspondence thereof.
3. Correspondence regarding fixation of scales of foodgrains under TPDS to the consumers correspondence thereof;
4. Submission of utilization certificate under the P.D.S. (Control) Order, 2015;
5. Court cases relating to foodgrains;
6. Preparation of record of Wheat,Rice & Wheat atta received and distributed by the HPSCSC and reconciliation of allotment, receipt of foodgrains from the F.C.I.;
7. Allotment of wheat for custom grinding and maintain record thereof;
8. Allotment and distribution of foodgrains under PMGKAY and other centrally sponsored Schemes by GoI;
9. Cases relating to Annapurna Scheme;
10. Correspondence regarding registration of Roller flour mills and agreements and matters relating to meetings with the mills;
11. Matter pertaining to registration of Mills and fixation of their rates etc.;
12. Matter related to Allocation of PDS foodgrains;
13. Correspondence regarding registration of Flour Mills/Chakkies;
14. Correspondence regarding fixation of ex-mill & F.O.R. rates of Wheat Atta;
15. Allotment of PMGKAY & ANBS;
16. Allotment of levy sugar to the Districts in accordance with the allotment received from the Govt. of India, its correspondence and maintenance of record regarding its receipt and distribution;
17 . Correspondence regarding allotment, receipt and distribution of edible oils/Imported sugar and Gur and maintenance of record thereof;
18. Correspondence relating to State Specially Subsidized Scheme;

  2. Sh. Ranbir Singh, Junior Office Assistant (IT):
1. All correspondence relating to Antyodya Anna Yojna Scheme;
2. Matter relating to Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha;
3. Correspondence of Shortages of foodgrains occurred after 1.01.1993;
4. Fixation of margin of profit of essential Commodities being distributed under TPDS;
5. Correspondence regarding opening of Principal Distribution Centres of F.C.I.;
Cases relating to special subsidy for Students leaving in Hostels and to make available wheat and Rice for other WelfareSchemes;
7. Correspondence regarding Mid-day meal ;
8 Correspondence regarding implementation of TPDS Schemes, purchase of Mobile vans;
9. Appointment of wholesaler and sub-wholesaler and its correspondence;
10. Correspondence regarding Audit review under TPDS, PAC and Back ward Panchayat;
11. Correspondence relating to NFSA;
12. Correspondence relating to TPDS;
13. Correspondence relating to Audit, Vidhan Sabha, Lok sabha/ Rajya Sabha Questions relating to the above subject;
14. Policy of PMGKAT & ANBS;
15. Transportation tender correspondence & Door Step Delivery Tenders;
16. Correspondence relating to Vigilance Committees under NFSA,2013;
17. Maintenance of record regarding constitution of Vigilance Committees and correspondence thereof;

3. Sh. Devender Kumar, Clerk:

1. All correspondence relating to ration card etc;
2. All types of complaints;
3. Correspondence relating to e-samadhan;
4. correspondence relating to various meeting of Kalyan Board;
5. Correspondence relating to cement, Bricks;
6. Correspondence relating to cement, Bricks;
7. Departmental meeting all DFSC;
8 Correspondence regarding Opening of Fair Price shops, Inquiry of complaints and submission of Monthly/Quarterly reports thereof;
9. Correspondence relating to Fair Price Shops;
4. Smt. Sundari Devi,  Junior Office Assistant (IT):

1. Allotment of Kerosene Oil and correspondence thereof;
2. Complaint regarding non-availability of Kerosene oil;
3. Root chart regarding supply of Kerosene oil;
4. Returns from the Wholesalerís of Kerosene oil;
5. Fixation of prices of Kerosene oil;
6. Correspondence regarding opening of Kerosene oil Depot;
7. Monitoring of monthly K. Oil quota;
8. correspondence relating to Himachal Grihni Suvidha Youna;
9. Opening of LPG agencies & related correspondence;
10. Correspondence relating to Kerosene Oil;
11. Correspondence relating to Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojna;
5. Sh. Dev Raj, Junior Office Assistant (IT):

1. Correspondence relating to construction of Godowns;
2. Correspondence relating to Audit, Vidhan Sabha, Lok Sabha/ Rajya Sabha Questions relating to the above subject;
3. Consumer Awareness programmes;
4. Correspondence regarding Constitution of H.P. State Consumer Council/   District Consumer Council;
5. Seminar/workshops regarding consumer awareness;
6. Opening of Upbhokta /Clubs in Schools;
7. All correspondence regarding Consumer Protection;
8 Correspondence regarding Petroleum Products etc.;
9. Correspondence regarding Tribal Action Plan;
10. Compilation of weekly report of dispatches of foodgrains under Annual action plan to Tribal areas and correspondence thereof;
11. Opening of Gas agency;
12. Correspondence relating to;
13. Correspondence relating to Audit, Vidhan Sabha, Lok sabha/ Rajya Sabha Questions relating to the above subject;
6. Smt.  Pavana Devi, J.S.S. :  
1. Attached with the Joint Director, Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs in his day to day disposal of work and dictation, typing work given by the Officer;
2. C.M. Helpline;
3. Cases relating to Agriculture Price Commission;
4. Correspondence regarding procurement of Kharif and Rabi crops;
District Controller (H.Q.), Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs (Incharge of Enforcement, Statistical, Technical  Section & Allocation of foodgrains)

1. Sh. Ashok Kevta, Statistical Assistant (Statistical Branch):
1. Correspondence regarding 20-point Programme and submission of report thereof;
2. Compilation of monthly information regarding receipt, sale and closing balances received from the HPSCSC;
3. Correspondence regarding prices of essential commodities;
4. Correspondence regarding control on prices of essential commodities;
5. Compilation of fore casting of crops and correspondence thereof;
6. Preparation of status note of the Department in each month;
7. Collection of information from the various branches in every month;
8. Compilation and submission of figures relating to Economic survey for statistic books;
9. To make available progress report relating to statistics to various branches for meetings;
10. Submission of information regarding Consumer Price index to the Govt.;
11. Submission of information relating to Public relation department/Vidhan Sabha / Lok Sabha regarding statistics;
12. Correspondence and updation of Deptt. Website;
13. Compilation of Statistical Data report;
14. Correspondence regarding availability & stock position of  essential commodities;
 2. Sh. Ashok Kevta, Statistical Assistant (Enforcement Branch)

1. Monthly Inspections report & correspondence thereof;
2. Correspondence regarding Essential Commodities Act, 1955 and orders there under;
3. H.P. Non-Bio-degradable Garbage (Control) Act, 1995 & notification thereof;
4. Instructions regarding maintenance of supply line;

1. Smt.  Praveena Devi, Inspector :  (Technical Branch)
1. Analysis of foodgrains being provided under TPDS and State Specially Subsidized Scheme;
2. All files of techincal branch will be routes through the Technical Assistant/ Inspector;
3. Samples & Visual inspections by the field officer/officials;
4. . Samples & Visual inspections by the field officer/officials;

2. Sh.  Sunil Kumar ,Junior Analyst :
1. Analysis of foodgrains being provided under TPDS and State Specially Subsidized Scheme;
2. All correspondence of quality control (including visual inspection), Audit Paras, Vidhan Sabha Question, Specification of Wheat and Rice Auction of samples of various foodgrains and RTI matters;
3. All correspondence relating to miscellaneous works related to Technical Branch;

3. Mrs. Priyanka Sharma, Junior Analyst :
1. Analysis of foodgrains being provided under TPDS and State Specially Subsidized Scheme;
2. Correspondence of purchase of chemicals and maintenance of register thereof;
3. Correspondence regarding chemical analysis of foodgrains and Correspondence thereof;

4. Sh.  Arun Bimal ,Junior Analyst :
1. Analysis of foodgrains being provided under TPDS and State Specially Subsidized Scheme;
2. Correspondence of purchase of Lab equipment and maintenance of register thereof;
3. Correspondence related to Roller Flour Mills/Chakkies registered with the department;
4. Personnel Hearing relating to failed samples and correspondence thereof;

Deputy Controller(F & A) (Incharge of Accounts Branch):
Working as DDO of Directorate, FCS&CA and W&M Wing;
In-charge of Budget Branch and Accounts Branch;
Giving advice in all matters having financial implication of service matter pertaining to Administrative Branch and Food & Supply Branches of Directorate;
Files pertaining to ePDS of e-Governance Society having financial implication;
Act as Drawing & Disbursing Officer for the Directorate;
All files having financial implications relating to W&M wing shall be routed through the Officer;

Sh. Naresh Chauhan, Section Officer (F & A):
1. To supervise the works of Accounts and Budget Branch of the Directorate and made effective measures for building up and maintaining all essential records related to these branches;
2. Formulation of Annual Budget Estimates/revised budget estimates, Excess & surrender statements of the department and timely submission of the same to the Govt./Finance Department;
3. To tender opinions in Service and Financial matters and assisted in regulation of periodical claims viz. salary, wages, arrears, pensions, Gratuities, GIS, M.R., T.E., LTC, Leave Encashment, GPF etc. relating to employees of the department;
4. To assist the Superior Authorities of department in decision making, formulation of plans, schemes etc. by giving advices/opinions on different routine matters and remained also a member in various departmental committees;
5. To present all cases, matters and schemes to the higher authorities though Dy. Controller (F&A) in a precise, coherent and logical manner with all possible solutions and suggestion and ensured implementation of Govt. decision, plans and schemes etc;
6. Work of reconciliation in respect of final subsidy for commodities distributed under State Subsidy Schemes by the department; 7. Nodal Officer for implementation of Public Procurement (Preference to Make in India) Order,2017 on all issues related to Public Procurement w.r.t. this Department;

1. Smt. Pushpa Devi, Clerk-cum-data entry operator:
1. To Preparation  of replies of C.A.G., P.A.C. and annual reports of AG office, H.P;
2. Correspondence relating to sugar subsidy claim;
3. To assist Sh. Sukh Ram, Clerk in Important matters time to time assigned to him;

2. Sh. Jitender Kumar, Clerk-cum-data entry operator:
Scrutiny of subsidy claims under state subsidy scheme & time to time correspondence in relation to NFSA,2013 to State Govt. & GoI;
2. Reconciliation of provisional claims received from HPSCSC under State Subsidy Scheme;
3. Submission of periodical information of above schemes;
4. Preparation of record relating to funds received under NFSA;
5. Proposals for demand of funds under NFSA;
6. To provide all possible assistance in issues related to NFSA to Sh. Rajesh Thakur, JOA (IT);

3. Sh. Sukh Ram, Clerk:
1. Monitoring of Annapurna scheme and all matters relating to this scheme;
2. Preparation of pendency details of departmental outstanding audit paras;
3. prepares reply  of audit paras to place them before annual adhoc committees meeting at HP Sectt;

1. Sh. Shashi Sharma, Deputy Director Legal (Incharge of Law Branch):
1. High Court matters & HP Administrative matters;
2. All control Orders including amendments etc.;
3. Opinion and vetting on departmental files;

2. Sh. Tej Singh, Deputy Director Legal:
1. Supreme Court Cases;
2. Appeal filed under various control orders;
3. Arbitration cases;
4. Maintenance  of library;
5. Appeal filed under RTI;

3. Sh. Mohit Junior Scale Stenographer:

1. In-charge of Court file & other files pertaining to Law branch;
2. Branch diary and putting up papers on the case file;
3. To intimate the progress of hearing in the Court cases;
4. To ensure the filing of replies in the Court on behalf of the State;
5. To maintain update registers of day to day progress of the hearing of the cases in the various Courts;
6. Correspondence regarding applications and appeals under Right to information Act, 2005;